A lot of companies in Hull are offering discount priced computers and the trouble with that is that as soon as you`ve bought one and got it home or back to work you find that any help you require is at an expensive phone call away.
Our organisation are committed to only offering top quality products and service support. People and businesses need a bit of help in this ever changing world of electronics, especially when it comes to computers.
We can bridge that missing link that will enabe you to talk directly to an expert who can guide you in the cost effective direction.
We have found that 96%+ of all our photocopying equipment thats supplied is connected to computer networks we can say we know a thing or two about computers and networks.
Q – You’ve just bought your computer and printing system from us, fantastic!  What’s that button do….How much is the hardware support?
A – The cost of a phone call, and not a premium one that will cost you ££££’s per minute, and in most cases we will offer to call you back.
For more information on how we can help you, either telephone or use our contact form and leave your details.

Photocopier services providing support in Hull.